What is cloud Server ? Free Cloud Server & Paid Cloud Server.

The cloud server is a centralized server resource that is hosted and distributed on the network – usually Internet – and many users are accessed on demand. Cloud servers can do all the same functions of the traditional physical server, distribute processing power, storage and applications.


The cloud server can be located anywhere in the world and can provide services remote through the cloud computing environment. On the contrary, Traditional Dedicated Server Hardware is usually installed in the premises for exclusive use by an organization.


How does the cloud server work?


Cloud server has been made possible through virtualization. Management software has been installed on a hyperwaser on the physical server to add and to their virtualization: Separation of your joint resources and create a virtual server to make them pool together. These virtual resources can then be automatic and distributed on the cloud for shared use in an organization or many organizations.


This approach is known as Infrastructure-e-In-Service Model. Organizations employing IAAs do not have to manage and manage their own hardware; They can manage it from third parties which provide resources on demand through public cloud. A normal cloud server example is using a public cloud for temporary, seasonal or variable workload, which should be extended quickly as required.


However, in some cases, the cloud server can also be configured as a server devoted by the cloud provider. In this setup, which is sometimes called a bare-metal server, the provider dedicates a physical cloud server to a customer, which can have specific performance or storage requirements.


Why is it called a cloud server?


When a computing resource is called in “Cloud, it means that it is given on a network like the internet, as opposed to being located in on-premises and direct access. Cloud storage, database, networking And a cloud server with the software is one of the most prominent examples of cloud computing resources.


What is the difference between cloud server and traditional server?


“Cloud” has normally become synonymous with the Internet. But there are actually many clouds, both public (and private, which are formed by any set of servers that distribute computing resources from any network.


The cloud server can be connected with a Traditional, Dedicated Server. While the resources of the cloud server can be shared by many users, a dedicated server is designed for special use by a company. It should be established and managed by that organization, while the ownership and management of the cloud server is done by a third party.


How many cloud servers are?


Companies have innumerable options for Server Tool and Hosting. They can choose to provide services from hundreds of cloud providers. The number of cloud servers continues to increase because the data center and server farm expand around the world. In order to meet the increasing demands of computer and connected devices, several hundred million servers may be required in the near future.


What are the benefits of a cloud server?


Cloud servers have revolutionized it in Industry. Countless companies have gone away from Traditional, Centralized Server and Infrastructure Setup so that the benefits of this game-changing technologist can be availed. Four primary benefits run this innings


Using the cloud server managed by third-party providers is very expensive compared to buying and maintaining its own infrastructure for a company. Companies benefit from economies of scale while sharing server resources with others, and they only pay for those resources which they use.


Convenience: Public cloud resources can often be arranged in a few minutes, and can be easily managed through a control panel or API. When IT teams are no longer needed to maintain complex infrastructure in the premises, their resources are freed for other functions. Users can access data from anywhere.


Scalability: As a change in computing and data storage is needed, the cloud server can scaling fast to meet the demand.


Reliability: Cloud Server provide similar performance of dedicated servers. Since the cloud runs on several servers in the shared environment, the service continues if the single component fails.


Free Cloud Server & Paid Cloud Server

Free Cloud Server


Before knowing about Affordable Cloud Storage India, let us know what is Cloud Storage? So there is a storage space like Cloud Storage Hard Disks (HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD) and Pen Drive.


The only difference is that it is not available as physical hardware but is available to store data in remote servers on the Internet.


Our data is managed, maintained and backed up remotely on Cloud Servers. You do not need any physical hard ware for data backup in Cloud Storage.


Rather, only Internet Connection is required, with the help of which you can upload your data and take backup. And this data will not be deleted from Cloud Servers, unless you delete it yourself.


1) Google Drive Cloud Storage:


Free Cloud Storage India Online Storage that is known as Google Google Drive Internet is not only in India but is quite popular in the whole world.


Google Drive itself is associated with Google’s many products like Gmail, Chrome, Google Docs, Android, Google Analytics and YouTube.


Google Drive works just like your hard disk, in which you can store all your urgent documents. These include all types of documents, Software’s, Photos, Videos and Audios.


Google Drive Offline Services also helps you to Access Offline Accessed Files taken by you.


Using Google Drive You just like Cloud Storage, but other services of Google such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, My Maps, Sites, Apps Script, Jam Board, Keep, Tasks and Google Calendar Can also do it.


Cloud Storage Market in Google Drive Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box Cloud Storage Companies Like Bohot Tactile |

2) Mega – 50 GB Free Cloud Storage India


Mega Limited Company was the beginning of the person named Kim Dotcom, he had a great idea to Safe Store to the Customers.


Mega is a Boundless Storage Service, which keeps Safe to your Data, that is also affordable price.


MEGA Provide a Cloud Storage Kya Hai Plan and 4 Premium Plans Provide Extremely Prices. Take your Data’s Backup in Mega Cloud Storage You can upload from both your computer and Mobile Phone.


Whom you can access from any corner of the world and any device through your Mega Account. Mega gives 50 GB Free Storage Space to its customers.

3) Box – Cheapest Cloud Storage India


Free Cloud Storage India.Box Cloud Storage is for Main Focus Businesses. Box Storage gets you in an affordable price. By talking to Box Team you can also negotiate for price.

4) icedrive – Next Generation Cloud Storage


Free Cloud Storage India.ICedrive is such a Cloud Storage Providing Company, which provides Next-Generation Service. This helps you greatly help your cloud to access, manage, and update.


The special thing is that ICEDrive also provides Space to Showcase and Collaborate to Showcase and Collaborate.


5) PCLOUD Cloud Storage:


The popular worldwide in the world was started in 2013, there is more than 3 million users of P Cloud all over the world. This company is located in Cloud SERVERS Switzerland. The special thing is that PCLoud gives your clients 10 GB Free Storage |


Paid Cloud Server


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