The Impact of Coronavirus on Social Media Engagement for Brands

The novel coronavirus has impacted many of our behaviors, including how and where we interact. Users now have more time at home and are looking to the digital world to keep them connected, updated, and entertained. 

Brands need to invest in understanding their customers, their buying journey, and the kind of content that will resonate with them at each step of the purchasing process. Customers want to hear from the brands they follow, so cutting back on social media investment could be a mistake.

Because of uncertainty about the economic environment and the increase in users’ engagement with digital content, brands increase their use of organic content and decrease their ad spend. Brands should be future-proofing their business by embracing digital transformation. 

Digital channels are where customer engagement is happening, and businesses that neglect them do so at their peril. The lower ads cost across many COVID-affected regions presents brands’ opportunity to share their message with a broader audience.

In May, while brands and industries were facing a downward trend in engagement rates, there was also a slow increase in posting frequency as brands continued to adjust to the new normal. New product releases have enjoyed a warm response from audiences, whether that be movies, games, or even makeup.

Coronavirus and Social Media

It is important to know which social media platforms will work for your brand during this time. Instagram has enjoyed an engagement rate of a least 20 times that of Facebook and Twitter. This is because Instagram’s platform presents videos and photos, whereas the other platforms provide news and links. 

To boost your own brand’s engagement rate, focus your resources on Instagram. If you haven’t already gotten into video marketing, then don’t sleep on it any longer. Experiment with a few video formats to find what works for your brand. A good and easy to use video editor should soon have you on your way to creating engaging content on the platform.

We still see a reduced level of posts on Instagram as brands focus on Facebook and Twitter. However, your brand, product or service, and company voice will entirely dictate which platform is most suited for your needs.

How Do I Increase Social Media Engagement?

While there are no magic formulas to increasing engagement, there are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure you are reaching your target audience. You must keep an eye on the data to follow real-time trends and develop a better understanding of your audience and customers.

Here are a few ways to boost your brand’s social media engagement.

Recalibrate Business Goals

The first question any business must ask itself is if the brand’s messaging is still relevant. Customers do not want to hear about products that are a luxury. Businesses must work towards developing their products and services in a manner that satisfies their customers’ needs.

If you already fulfill what customers need, then employ strategies that amplify the message and mold it to form the central focus. Be sure to highlight how your products or services are going to alleviate any stress on the part of your audience. Consumers do not want to hear from brands that are peddling obvious cash-grabs.

Critical Messages

Potential customers are inundated with information online. It is imperative that digital marketers cut down on the clutter and reserve their posts for critical information. Any change in delivery systems, lack of inventory, or the cancellation of an event or product rollout is crucial information.

As yourself how your posts are adding value to your audience or potential customers. Are you providing critical information? Are you supporting local communities? There are many ways in which you can value-add to your audience without having to constantly push your products in their face.

Video Marketing

Video, as part of a marketing strategy, can provide increased engagement, unlike traditional campaigns. The platform you employ for video content is an essential decision. Since Google owns YouTube, any search will pick up results from both platforms, making your content twice as visible. Video search results have a 41% higher click rate than regular search results. Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are popular for videos with smooth engagement.

There are many video types with each having a different effect and reach. The possibilities are endless, from simple image videos that can be quickly generated using a picture video maker to complex promo videos that require shooting, lighting, and editing. Be sure to have a healthy proportion of all the types.

Analyze and Measure

With new trends emerging almost every day, it is important to employ a solid data analytics system to track and report current trends. This system should tell you what customers are searching for and which pages they are visiting the most. All of this information can help you fine-tune your marketing message.

Marketing automation tools come in handy when tracking targeted campaigns. A successful campaign requires real-time data that allows for actionable knowledge. Localized campaigns can offer precisely what the customer wants, and timely messaging will create active engagement.

Global SEO

While the pandemic has affected almost every country, some regions are handling the crisis better than others. Capturing a global audience that is not as embattled as your current audience can help you grow traffic and can even result in increased conversion rates.

Employ international SEO to capture audiences from around the globe. You can get a lead in regions where you might not have as much competition as your local market. Since it doesn’t require too many changes to your existing marketing strategy, the ROI on global SEO can potentially be big.


Coronavirus has affected us all, and brands must move quickly and with agility to stay ahead of the curve. Since there are more eyeballs on social media platforms, companies that adapt to the new normal will reap great rewards.

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