10 + Best Free Backlink Generator Tools That Make Link Building Easy in 2020

Best Free Backlink Generator Tools | There is nothing worse than refreshing the google analytics page to check the visitor’s number. But there is no drastic change in the traffic.

Reason? This might be because your website doesn’t have enough domain and page authority that are governed majorly by quality content and by the backlinks.

Now the question arises, “From where do I get free backlinks?” or “What are the best free backlink generator tools?”

To answer these questions, we have formulated a list of best free tools to generate backlinks for your websites in a few clicks.

Well, for starters, it’s really hard to get rank on Google’s first page unless you have a team of writers and link builders. But if you are solely working on your website then this work might be very time-consuming.

To resolve this, you need some magic soup that assists you with the link building in a single place. And this is basically what I am aiming for in this post.

I assist you with the best free backlinks generators tools that might help you to save your time while building high-quality backlinks for your websites.

Of course, without jumping directly to the runway of best free backlink generator tools, let’s discuss a short overview of backlinks and their types.

best free backlink generator tools

A backlink is a hyperlink that associates a web page to other webpages (similarly, they are talking via links).

The definition seems simple, but making a backlink in 2020 is a nasty piece of work.

Don’t be frightened. I will make sure (after reading this), you definitely get to know the best free backlink generator tools for link building.

Damn! Anyone who has a website knows backlinks are ranking factors. But do you know how?

If you know then it’s good but if you don’t (like me when I was in early 2018) then the following example helps you to know how backlinks works?

best free backlink generator tools

For example:
Sam is a biochemistry professor. He has a reputation in his field. What do you think, how he got at this position?

For certainly, “the hard work”. Each chapter he learns, each class he takes, each test he knocks down, each practical he performs all greets him to his journey of becoming a professor.

And this is how authority is built in your niche.

All the elements, whether Sam’s practicals, exams, etc. helps him to build a powerful profile in his field. And that’s what a backlink is needed for.

Therefore, in the above example, all the elements are just like backlinks that justifies the trust and value of a web page.

In other words, backlinks are the foundation that implies the authority of a web page. This will create a space of respect in the eyes of Google and hence you get better ranking. 

Altogether, it simply means you are going to get a higher chance of ranking.

From now, you know backlinks are an important factor that is responsible to rank a post well in google pages. 

But do you know about the various types of backlinks? There are two i.e. dofollow and nofollow backlinks. 

Dofollow backlinks are the links which are loved and followed by Google crawlers. While the opposite is the nofollow backlinks.

In other words, dofollow backlinks are those in which the users and crawlers both are able to reach other linked pages.

But in the case of nofollow backlinks, only a user is able to reach the linked pages while the crawlers ignored them.

Though both the links appear identical to users, the crawlers have a different strategy here, i.e. they follow dofollow and ignore nofollow links.

But how? All nofollow links have an HTML tag called rel=”nofollow”.

Hence, if a crawler sees these tags after an URL, it ignores the URL and jumps to the next content of the post.

best free backlink generator tools

The above picture is a perfect image to describe a nofollow backlink and dofollow backlink.

“I have too many dofollow backlinks, can I rank better?” It depends. According to Google, there are more than 200 parameters on which google ranks a website. 

As per experts, among all these parameters, content quality and backlinks profiles are the most known ranking factors.

If you want to know, how to write high quality and engaging content, check our post How To Write An Engaging Blog Post (Beginner’s Guide).

Note 1: Percentage of dofollow and nofollow links are considered as the determining factor in google ranking. Therefore, if you’re building links you should try to build more dofollow links in contrast to nofollow ones.

So, it’s better to grab some backlinks whenever possible, especially when you are just starting a new website.

As it is obvious, there are always the costing factors while building backlinks whether it is your money or your time.

So, in the initial stage, let’s say your website is just hatching out to the new online world.

As it is clear, to survive in this digital world, your recently hatched website needs nutrition and juices in the form of quality content and backlinks.

And here what backlinks generator tools can help you without costing too much of your time.

To be true here, as you know a single book can change your life so does a high-quality backlink change your post’s ranks.

A disclaimer here, the majority of free backlinks generators are not a good source of getting very high-quality backlinks.

So, that means there is no use of using free backlinks generator tools? No, that’s a wrong interpretation.

As links from free backlinks generator tools can be useful in some ways.

These links might act as building blocks—just like the nursery books help you to learn words—that helps in building your website authority in online space which altogether is useful to remove your web from google sandbox.

Note 2: Google sandbox—its existence is in question: According to major SEO experts, Google has a sandbox platform where a website, that is new, is tested for initial rankings.
It is like a probation period by google, where a website is kept, to analyze the value of content the website provides.

With all this in mind, let’s talk about the 11 best free backlink generator tools in 2020 that likewise can help you to build high-quality backlinks.

Another disclaimer here, all these tools are listed down are evaluated based on user-friendly, easy to use, domain authority, and quality of backlinks.

So, let’s start.

For the systematic table, you can check the summary section—right bottom of the post.

best free backlink generator tools

Why do I personally like BackLinkr? The answer is simple. It is easy and gives you a very accurate result of the link building.

This free backlink generator tool works like a magic in creating backlinks from various forums, blogs and archives websites.

From here, you eventually can get free backlinks from numerous authority sites with site-name zone usually .com.

But there is more. Here you can also get high-quality links from .gov site.

In addition, you got an option to select from “number of backlinks” or “quality backlinks”.

In a quantity package, they will shred your URL to their 2500+ website’s database.

Seems huge! They are. But I don’t recommend using this option.

I personally prefer to build high-quality links i.e. quality over quantity. So, I always stick to the premium website tab that facilitates you to build up to 100 quality backlinks.

Furthermore, to avoid spammer bots, this free backlink creator tool is protected by google captcha.

In this tool, you also get the opportunity to decipher a backlink based on trust level and poor score.

So, feel free to have a look at this web tool.

How to use:

  1. Just put the URL for which you want to generate links.
  2. Verify yourself using captcha solve.
  3. Now you have got two options:
    • All Available Website
    • Premium Website (I personally use it)
  4. Now, red URLs show failed attempts while green represents successful link building.
  5. Click on the green URL and check for dead links and poor quality.

Trust level of BackLinkr.net (March 2020)

  • Site age: 6 Years 10 Month
  • Site name zone: .net
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 28
  • Backlinks: 3,909

Our Test Result

  • Total links: 100
  • Valid links: 73
  • Broken Links: 27
best free backlink generator tools

You loved it! This tool is just as awesome. It is simple, it is easy and the most important fact is that you can manage all the links in a single window. 

As per their database, they have a huge collection of 15k websites to which you get backlinks and pings. But at a single time, you can only make a hundred of backlinks.

However, as per my knowledge in the SEO world, it is a good tactic by them. And as a blogger, you should avoid using too many backlinks creation in a single day.

Unlike others, they have ‘two-step web pages’ where you have to manually click the submit button on each page.

I think this is due to two reasons, one, of course, to minimize the bots attacks and seconds is to get double-page views so double income from ads

But did Index Kings free backlink generator tools work well? In our test, I generated 93 backlinks in the 2-minutes just like maggie, with a success rate of 77.4%. 

Apart from this, one of the handy features is, it supports multiple URLs at the same time.

There are also paid plans where you get full of 15000 dofollow backlinks in just $16

So, if you want to invest you can do so, if not, its free version is more than enough. 

How to use:

  1. Go to the home page Index Kings.
  2. Submit all the Url at once, followed by entering. 
  3. Always check “Complex URL”.
  4. Click the “Rapid Index” tab and wait for the new page.
  5. Click on Generate Links (in case of single links). Otherwise, it starts automatically.

Trust level of IndexKings.com (March 2020)

  • Site age: 8 Years 8 Month
  • Site name zone: .com
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 36
  • Backlinks: 192,411

Our Test Result

  • Total links: 93
  • Valid links: 72
  • Broken Links: 21
best free backlink generator tools

When it comes to feature and versatility, there is no other tool than BackLink Generator by bulklink.org.

In this tool, you not only create backlinks but you also get various filters such as choosing search engines, ping, and backlinks.

In this convenient tool, you can choose which is your target search engine based on the target audience.

For example, if you are targeting specifically to the Indian audience, you can choose “google.in” as a search engine.

In addition, there is a list of 18 ping websites from which you can select your preferences, otherwise, leave them blank.

There is an additional option of changing the type of backlinks i.e. Whois Sites and About & Info Pages.

However, there is also a paid version of this tool where you have to invest $1 for each backlink.

But if you have an authority website, you can also sell links to them with their “sell-backlinks-get-paid” affiliate program.

How to use:

  1. Select the URL you want to have backlinks for.
  2. Now choose ‘select all’ from the search engine tab.
  3. In the next tab, “select all” in the ping tab.
  4. And now tick both on Whois sites and about & info pages.

Trust level of bulklink.org (March 2020)

  • Site age: 6 Years 2 Month
  • Site name zone: .org
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 26
  • Backlinks: 3,850

Our Test Result

  • Total links: Stopped at 50
  • Valid links: 42
  • Broken Links: 8
best free backlink generator tools

Smallseotools.com is well known for its famous tool called plagiarism checker but its free backlink generator tool is underestimated by many of the bloggers.

I also, at first, thought that it wasn’t a good tool to get in our list of best free backlink generator tools. But here it goes, it took a reputational position.

I know you might get obsessed with my choice of picking for this tool in the fifth position. But honestly speaking, this tool has too many capabilities like the others we have discussed above.

In our test event, this free backlink tool had generated 91 backlinks and the majority of those are eventually coming from reputed websites like Alexa.

While talking about TLD (domain name zone), they are bound to link from .com, .net, .co and .info. And also from some regional TLD like .in, .us, .uk, etc.

All the created backlinks were governed by their respective success status to show whether link building is successful or not.

In spite of all these advantages, the big frustration that could make you feel irritated is that there are so many goole advertisements.

A similar tool called backlink maker by SearchEngineReports.net (next tool in our list) can outplay this tool.

How to use

You just have to enter the URL and click on the “Make backlink” tab. Its that simple.

Trust level of Smallseotools.com (March 2020)

  • Site age: 9 Years 6 Month
  • Site name zone: .com
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 83
  • Backlinks: 5,576

Our Test Result

  • Total links: 91
  • Valid links: 72
  • Broken Links: 19
best free backlink generator tools

SearchEngineReports.net backlinks maker is among the most popular and one of the best free backlink generator tools which can give you high-quality backlinks.

Many of the backlinks that are generated are usually from .com and .net site zone.

So, you would get about the same type of backlinks profiles (TDL) similar to the other tools but with a high number of possible backlinks.

In our test, we have got 91 backlinks from various forms and blog websites. That’s statistically great.

But I don’t want to comment on why there is no error while building links. As in each test, all the links have an “OK” status that means links are built successfully.

Therefore, I dig deeper and click the first 40 links to know the truth. And the result was disappointing.

In our test, about 35 percent of links are broken and the rest is valid. This makes it the most broken backlink generator tool until now.

Besides the backlink maker, there are various other tools available by searchenginereports.net such as text analysis tools, image search tools, keyword planning tools, backlink tools, web management tools, website checker tools, and domain tools.    

How to use:

You just have to type URLs and click on the “Make Backlinks” tab.

Trust level of SearchEngineReports.net (March 2020)

  • Site age: 10 Years 6 Month
  • Site name zone: .net
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 60
  • Backlinks: 825

Our Test Result

  • Total links: 91 (tested 40)
  • Valid links: 25
  • Broken Links: 15
best free backlink generator tools

You can consider this free tool a reliable yet simple way to generate backlinks for your posts and websites.

Unlike other tools, this can generate backlinks only from 27 websites. That’s a small number when compared to other major tools in the industry. But they claimed that the majority of backlinks are from higher PR websites.

And as per our data, it’s true that using the SEO Wagon backlink generator tool, you can create a good number of high-quality backlinks for free.

Strictly talking about their backlink profile, they usually have .com site zone but they are failed to give any backlinks from .gov and .edu websites.

In addition, there are other tools of SEO Wagon that can make you do an SEO audit for your website. These are article generating tool, plagiarism checker, keywords tools, ranker tools, Domain Tools, and the last image tools.

How to use:

  1. Just place the links in the box and hit enter.
  2. Now, wait for some minutes. 
  3. Now you get the URL of the created backlinks with their Page Rank.

Trust level of Seowagon.com (March 2020)

  • Site age: 4 Years 3 Month
  • Site name zone: .com
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 11
  • Backlinks: 3,971

Our Test Result

  • Total links: 27
  • Valid links: 13
  • Broken Links: 14
best free backlink generator tools

At first, it looks crap to me but its link developing strategies amaze me. In a minute I made more than 10 high-quality backlinks.

But that’s more here.

They advertise that 95 % of links are dofollow, which for obvious reasons seems unrealistic. But actually, it’s true.

In our result, in 10 high-quality links, 9 are dofollow links that are generated within 40 seconds. That’s awesome? Ya, it is.

Though the website claimed that they can build up to 100 backlinks but in our test, it halted only at 10 backlinks which are a little bit unexpected.

Additionally, they used a bait of 200+ backlinks for their email subscription. And I eventually fell for it. And they again surprise me.

In fact, over the next two days, I’ve got additionally 17 backlinks from various authority blogs and forums. And I am sure, as per their promise, they will build the remaining backlinks in the next 18 days.

So, you definitely give a short to their email subscription and get 200+ backlinks in next 20 days (20 backlinks every 2 days)

With an email subscription, you can also get a downloadable ebook titled 100 Free SEO Tools for Digital Marketers.

How to use:

Like others, just put the URL and click on the ‘create backlinks’ tab.

Trust level of Real-Backlinks.com (March 2020)

  • Site age: 5 Years 11 Months
  • Site name zone: .com
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 25
  • Backlinks: 265

Our Test Result

  • Total links: 10
  • Valid links: 9
  • Broken Links: 1

8. Free Backlick Generator by SitoWebInfo.com

best free backlink generator tools

If you want to flood your URL to a sum of 2500 websites, you can do so with this free backlink generator tool by SitoWebInfo.com.

2500 backlinks is a huge number? And I personally do not recommend you to do so.

Because building more than 100 backlinks whether it is dofollow and nofollow looks very spammy to the google crawlers which is definitely not good for your website.

Therefore, building 2500 backlinks a single day is not going to do that much good, as you build them 100 backlinks each day up to 25 days.

Hence, you should choose a max of 100 backlinks from the ‘selection tab’ of the number of backlinks.

So, be careful and never generate numerous backlinks (100) in a single day.

While talking about other features, you can choose the focusing keywords for your backlinks. That’s an amazing deal but in our test, I didn’t get any relevant results.

How to use

  1. Place the URL.
  2. Select as many keywords you want to tag them with URL, followed by commas.
  3. Choose the number of backlinks to be made (max 100 recommended).
  4. Click on the “Submit Now” button.

Trust level of SitoWebInfo.com (March 2020)

  • Site age: 7 Years 5 Month
  • Site name zone: .com
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 26
  • Backlinks: 2,091

Our Test Result

  • Total links: 100
  • Valid links: 68
  • Broken Links: 32
best free backlink generator tools

Duplichecker backlink generator tool allows you to create nearly 30+ backlinks for your respective URL along with their status and domain rating.

And at first, it seems the same as the seosmalltools.com backlinks maker. But actually it is different.

Unlike other tools, here domain rating is ranged from 0 to 10 which again signifies from a rectangular green index box ensued by their domain rating.

In our test, about half (15 URL form 32) are broken links. However, unbroken links are formulated by high authority domain with an average domain rating of 5 which is about 50% as per ahrefs data.

This tool is a little bit slower and time-consuming but you can expect a higher quality of backlinks from it.

While talking about various other tools of duplichecker.com, they have a bunch of other awesome tools that are categorized as paraphrasing tools, grammar checker and reverse image search tools.

How to use:

List down the URL and click on the “Make Backlinks” tab.

Trust level of Duplichecker.com (March 2020)

  • Site age: 12 Years 8 months
  • Site name zone: .com
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 73
  • Backlinks: 1,007

Our Test Result

  • Total links: 32
  • Valid links: 17
  • Broken Links: 15
best free backlink generator tools

It is, for sure, a convenient tool by Sitechecker.pro but you can only make 19 backlinks at a time.

And in our multiple attempts, we noticed that all the links are repeated the same as the previous one. So, you can say that it can only capable to build a max of 19 backlinks.

Apart from this, the majority of the links have a fake status of ‘green ok’. And on the manual analysis, I founded that 8 links are broken even they had green ok status.

It’s very discouraging. But the quality of backlinks was good, as they were from authority forums and Whois websites.

In addition, sitechecker.pro is much popular for on-page SEO checks (including image problems) and website health reports tools.

Therefore, if you don’t want to use a backlink generator tool from sitechecker.pro you definitely go for their on-page SEO optimization tool and website health report tool.

How to use:

  • Paste the URL and hit enter and wait.
  • You would get your resulting backlinks in tabular form.

Trust level of SiteChecker.pro (March 2020)

  • Site age: 3 Years 7 Month
  • Site name zone: .pro
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 70
  • Backlinks: 151

Our Test Result

  • Total links: 19
  • Valid links: 11
  • Broken Links: 8
best free backlink generator tools

This link building doesn’t have that much nasty google ads like any other tools that we have discussed earlier.

The Seounity.com backlink builder tool has a simple design like BackLinkr. It even has a google captcha to scale down the risk of having a bot attack.

That’s enough for the basic design. Let’s discuss its working.

The tool has three status flags to signify the link building status. These are “green box with OK”, “a blue circle with a question mark” and “red cross box”.

In our test, this free backlink generator tool is slower than the speed of turtles. It nearly takes 6 minutes to build 31 backlinks.

However, the majority (about 62%) of links have green ok flags, which implies the successful creation of backlinks.

In addition, this tool is not completely mobile-friendly as it looks crap in a mobile view. And you aren’t able to build links using mobile.

Therefore, I definitely do not recommend this tool if you want to build backlinks using a mobile phone.

However, it is still a good backlink generator tool if you are using a desktop computer.

How to use:

  1. Put the URL.
  2. Solve the captcha.
  3. And have a tea break (it takes a lot of time).

Trust level of Seounity.com (March 2020)

  • Site age: 9 Years 7 Month
  • Site name zone: .com
  • Domain Rating (ahrefs): 29
  • Backlinks: 908

Our Test Result

  • Total links: 31
  • Valid links: 15
  • Broken Links: 16

While building links from free backlinks generator tools, try to cut down up to 100 backlinks per day.

The reason is simple. Making more than 100 backlinks might flag your website in google’s eyes.

So, “At any cost try to minimize the link building in a single day”. And if possible try to stick with weekly schedules.

This all creates a perfect base to consider your website as a non-spammy website.

One more thing, don’t fall for the marketing schemes like building 2500 backlinks in a single click, as all these schemes might become the reason for poor ranking.

Therefore, avoiding vigorous link building can save your web from any future google’s penalties and algorithm updates.

best free backlink generator tools

If you’re building a backlink and want to know what a backlink profile then follows these simple steps.

  1. Right-click on the link and click on Inspect.
  2. In the HTML code, look for the link.
  3. If the URL has a corresponding rel=”nofollow” attribute. It signifies it is a nofollow link. 
  4. If the URL has no attribute then it is a dofollow link.

You might find other attributes, which google had introduced in 2019. These are

  • rel=”sponsored” attribute: For advertisements, sponsorships or other payment agreements.
  • rel=”ugc” attribute: User Generated Content like comments and forum posts.

Good links elevate the traffic, bad links make your website rank worse.

Moreover, many unfaithful competitors use bad links from unethical and low domain rating websites to make websites look spammy in the eyes of google.

So, How you can remove bad links from hurting your ranking? This is how you can remove it.

  1. Login to your search console and select the site for which you want to find backlinks.
  2. Now move to the links section from the left column.
  3. Scroll down to the page to “Top linking section” and click ‘more’.
  4. Now in the following window, look for the unethical site and make a list.
  5. If you are not sure, check the domain authority from ahrefs free domain authority checker.
  6. After finding all the links, create a text file with .txt extension.

Part 2: Upload your list to the Google Disavow tool

  1. Visit googles disavow tool.
  2. Select the website from the drop-down list.
  3. Now upload the text file.
  4. And you are done.

Be Cautious: This is a one-time process. All the links in the text file will be disavowed permanently. Therefore, if you mistakenly uploaded any valuable backlink in the text file you definitely gonna lose the link’s worth.

Therefore, be clear what you are doing here, you can’t afford mistakes.

Now, have you wondered how often you should check for bad links? Twice a month.

Hence, to this, we ended our journey in searching for the best free backlink generator tools.

We surveyed and tested 11 best free backlink generator tools, and then based on our results, we listed down all the tools with diligence.

Table: Overview on Best Free Backlink Generator Tools ( Till March 2020)

S.No.Tool’s WebsiteSite Age (years)BacklinksTotal LinksValid LinksBroken Links
1BackLinkr.net63,909 100 73 27
2IndexKings.com8192,411 9372  21
3Bulklink.org63,850 50 42 8
4Smallseotools.com95,57691 72 19
5Searchenginereports.net10825  91 (40)  25  15
7Real-backlinks.com5265 10 9 1
8SitoWebInfo.com72,091 10068 32
9Duplichecker.com121,007 3217  15
10SiteChecker.pro3151 19 11 8
11Seounity.com9908 31 15 16

I definitely sure, after reading the post and table you could not only find the best free backlink generator tools but also the best ways and strategies to build backlinks.

General FAQ

1. How backlinks generator tools generate backlinks?
Ans. They have a pile of forums, blogs and whois websites from which they either create a separate page for your URL or backlink from commenting.

2. Which websites are the most likely to generate backlinks from these tools?
Ans. As these backlink generator tools are not a good way of creating backlinks for your website. However, with plenty of good articles and a bunch of free backlinks from these generator tools can help your website to acquire organic traffic from google.

3. Does every site need backlinks to rank the first page of Google?
Ans. It depends. Most of them require backlinks to rank on the first page. But without backlinks, you can rank well in google, especially with quality content.

4. When is the right time to make links from these free backlinks generator tools?
Ans. There is no right time. But you should avoid link building too often from backlink generator tools to avoid looking spammy. And try to schedule to use these tools on a weekly basis, not daily.

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