Best Cloud Hosting Providers with 1 Year Free Trial 2020

Choosing a cloud hosting for your business is the most complicated part. It requires lots of efforts and research to choose the best cloud hosting.

In such a case, we search for a web hosting provider that gives their services on a trial basis for some time. So that we can use their services for some time and decide which one to choose.

There are many Cloud Hosting Providers available in the market those provides a free trial on their services for some time. But they are limited for some days or a maximum of one month.

But the four big leaders in this cloud hosting industry gives you One Year Free Trial. You can use their services for one year without any cost. And after that decide whether you want to use them or not.

So in this article, you will introduce near you the Best Cloud Hosting Providers with 1 Year Free Trial 2020. For details read the complete article. It will surely help you find the best among them.

Top 4 Best Cloud Hosting Providers with 1 Year Free Trial

  1. Amazon AWS
  2. Google Cloud
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. Alibaba Cloud

#01. Amazon AWS

It is well known that Amazon is the biggest online e-commerce platform in the world. But do you know, Amazon has also its web hosting company? Socked! Yes, you heard it right.

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Amazon is also the biggest cloud hosting provider in the market. Most of the big companies prefer to use Amazon as their Web Hosting Provider.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) uses integrated connected web services to provide a cloud-based platform to businesses. It also provides other useful services to their customer.

Most of the companies like game development, data processing, warehousing, etc, always prefer to use Amazon AWS as their host. If you also want a server that can be customized as your choice then Amazon AWs is best.

It gives the complete freedom to customize your own server that will feature-rich and uses less money. One can operate AWS from any platform such as mobile or desktop.

Features Of Amazon AWS

There are many features AWS gives you to run your business smoothly. Some of them are described below.

Mobile-Friendly Access

These include two things, one is AWS Mobile Hub and other is AWS Mobile SDK.

  • AWS Mobile Hub

Amazon AWS works on both Android and IOS and guides you on how to use it. Its console helps you to access AWS services like development, testing, and monitoring from mobile with AWS application. It also includes many features like content delivery and pushes notification.

  • AWS Mobile SDK

You can access DynamoDB, S3, and Lambda. The Mobile SDK supports IOS, Android, Web, React Native, Unity, etc directly from your App.

AWS Marketplace

It is the online store by AWS where you can find hundreds of Softwares for your use. You can buy them according to your business. Amazon will charge you only for that software which you choose to use.

AWS provides free and paid both software to their customer. You can choose them as per your need.

Serverless Cloud Functions

On Amazon AWS, the user doesn’t need to worry about the server as the whole process is managed by AWS. AWS is designed in such a way that it can handle many tasks at a time.

You only have to focus on your application development and the rest will manage by AWS. Server management scaling, patching, and administration of the infrastructure are done by AWS.


The database provided by Amazon Aws is managed by themselves so that you don’t need to worry about that. They are:

  • Relational Database: For Transactional Purposes
  • Non-Relational Database: For Internet-Scale Applications
  • Data Warehouse: For Analytics
  • In-memory data Store: ForCaching & Real-time workloads
  • Graph Database: Application with highly connected data


The storage provided by Amazon AWS is economical, flexible and easy to use. It is one of the best features of AWS. These are the types of storage:

  • Amazon Glacier: Used for long-term storage
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service: It Provides scalable object storage for archival, analytics and data backup
  • The Amazon EBS: Provides block-level storage volumes for persistent data storage for use with EC-2 instances.

Security and Compliance

Amazon always considers security as their first priority as many of the big brands relies on them. So customers always prefer to use AWS while choosing Cloud Hosting.

AWS is associated with EC2 instances to give batter security. There are many major rules followed by AWS to gives batter security to their customer.

#02. Google Cloud

We all know that Google is the most trusted and famous brand in the world. Google also has its own hosting company and gives results more than your expectations.

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Many big businesses use Google Cloud as their web host because Google is the leader when it comes to web hosting. Google Cloud also provides One Year Free Trail On Their Cloud Hosting Services. You can use it to check the quality of Google Cloud Hosting.

Features Of Google Cloud

There are many features Google gives you with its Cloud Hosting. Some of them are described below.

  • No server management

Google will run and scale the code deployed by you. You don’t need to do any task so that you can focus on your work. Google does the rest for you.

  • Pay only while your code runs

You only have to pay when your codes run your function is executing. After executing your function you don’t need to pay.

  • Scales automatically

Google Cloud will manage all your functions automatically according to workload. You don’t need to worry about that.

  • Runs code in response to events

You can run your code from anywhere like Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, and Google Assistant. Also, you can access it directly from any web, mobile, or backend application via HTTP.

  • Connects and extends services

In Google Cloud, all the all GCP, Firebase, Google Assistant, and 3rd-party cloud services are treated as building blocks. Also, it connects and extend them with code, and rapidly move from concept to production.

  • Open and familiar

You don’t need to learn any special language to use Google Cloud. It supports written in JavaScript (Node.js), Python, and Go.

#03. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides the best tools, templates, and services that can be used to improve the productivity of any developer or IT professional.

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It is primarily built for Microsoft platform having great features and functionalities. That can use to manage enterprise, mobile, Web and Internet of Things APP. It is very helpful for IT professionals.

Microsoft Azure has an excellent front-end management interface that is compatible with Windows, Linux both. It also contains a public cloud architecture that helps in IaaS field.

It supports both Windows and Linux, also, includes many services that can help your program to run smoothly. You can develop and deploy programs as your choice using AI services.

Microsoft Azure Features

  • You can Build websites with ASP.NET, PHP or Node.js
  • Deploy and run Windows Server and Linux virtual machine both
  • Also, you can Migrate applications and infrastructure
  • Includes SQL Database
  • Caching
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Supports Virtual Network
  • Mobile Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Business Analytics
  • Hadoop
  • Media Services

Benefits Of Microsoft Azure

Using Microsoft Azure you can create and deploy modern, cross-platform web and mobile applications easily. You can also take backup and save them in cloud storage and restore them when needed.

You can run a small application to a very large application on Azure having without any problem. Microsoft Azure is spread across 22 regions over the world.

  • You can build with Node.js, PHP, or ASP.NET and deploy with TFS, Git, or FTP on Amazon Azure.
  • Both Windows and Linux machines run on Azure and also be migrated to one another very easily.
  • You can set up push notifications, user authentication, and structured storage with less knowledge about programming.
  • Also, you can create all types of applications on Azure and it never lacks. You will get a high-speed server with Azure.
  • You can also create, manage and distribute media in the cloud using Amazon Azure.

#04. Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba is a leading e-commerce platform in China. Now it is available nearly all over the world. It also has its own hosting service called Alibaba Cloud.  As like Google Cloud And Amazon AWS, Alibaba Cloud is also used by big organizations.

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It gives you a one-year free trial on its cloud hosting plan so that you can try it. After that, you can continue using Alibaba Cloud by paying them.

Features Of Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud comes with many important features so that you can use it without facing any problem.

Flexible Architecture

  • Single-Node Architecture: Using this you can perform flexible upgrading or downgrading for a single-node cluster in a cost-efficient manner. It is made for cache-only scenarios.
  • Dual-Node Hot Standby Architecture: Using this architecture the synchronization between the master node and replica node done in real-time. If the master nodes fail to perform the task the system automatically restores the replica from its backup so that your business runs smoothly.
  • Cluster Architecture: In this architecture, each node uses a master and replica structure that automatically works on failover and recover the disaster. You can choose your plan by discussing with their experts.

Data Security

  • Persistent Data Storage: This consists of large memory so that you can get high performance and read and write operations.
  • Replica And Recovery: The system keeps a backup every day so that it can be recovered any time when it needed. In this way, you will get the batter performance on Alibaba Cloud.
  • Multi-layer Network Security Protection: 
  1. There is a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) present in the transport layer.
  2. It has a service to protect from Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks.
  3. The system has a collection of more than 1000 IPs to control risk management
  4. It also has a password protection system
  • Kernel Optimization: All the kernels are optimized in such a way that it gives you the best speed and performance.

F.A.Q on Cloud Hosting Providers with 1 Year Free Trial


In this article, we have discussed all the Best Cloud Hosting Providers that provide a one-year free trial. Hope you got what you are searching for.

Here we have shared the complete information and features of 4 best cloud hosting provider. You have to choose one of them if you want a free trial on cloud hosting.

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