Best Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting & Cloud Hosting Company in 2021.

Are you looking for the best and affordable web hosting company for your WordPress site? In this article, I have created the list of Best Web hosting companies for WordPress which you can use.

Web hosting plays a very important role in the success of any online business. If you make any mistake in choosing web hosting, then it affects your website or online business because your website will be in the most downtime and will be loaded very slowly.

However, there are many such webs hosting providers in the market that promises to be the best, but after buying hosting, you feel that they have deceived you.

What is web hosting


Web hosting provides all websites to provide service to the Internet. Because of this, the Website of a person or organization can be accessed through the Internet in the whole world. From the place gives I mean that your website keeps the files, images, Videos, ETC by Store on a Special Computer. We say web server.

The computer stays connected to 24 × 7 Internet at every time. Web Hosting Service We offer lots of companies such as GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Etc. And we also say, Web HOST.

According to one, we can also say that we rent them to keep their website in the second high-powered computers (Web SERVERS) as we rent them to stay in an unknown house.

How does web hosting work?


When we make our website, we want that we have our own knowledge and information with people, then we have to upload our files to web hosting before.

After doing so, whenever an Internet user types your Domain Name on your Web Browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera), like, then after that Internet your Domain Name Web connects to Server where your website files have already been kept in Store. After adding the all information of the WebSite reaches the computer’s computer, then the user views the page according to his needs and receives knowledge.

DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM is used to add DOMAIN NAME. This reveals Domain that your Website is placed in WEB Server. Why every server’s DNS is different.

Which company buys hosting?


To buy Web Hosting, you will have many options, but you will have to decide it according to your needs, which company will be fine. Before buying hosting, it is very important to be knowledgeable.


Disk SPACE is your hosting storage capacity. Like your computer stays in 500GB and 1TB Space, there is also storage in hosting. If possible, buy hosting with Unlimited Disk Space. This will never be a risk of being DISK FULL.


In a second, how many Data Access of your website is he says we Bandwidth. When someone is accessing your website then your server does not use it by using Data. If your bandwidth is less and your website is more visitor access then your website will be down.


Your Website remains the time online or available calls his uptime. Sometimes some problems are due to your Website Down, which means no. We call us downtime. Today every company gives a Guarantee of 99.99% uptime.

Customer service

Every hosting company says that they do 24 × 7 Customer Service Provide. But there was no such thing. In addition to the Hosting Service that I’ll use, the best customer service Hostgator. For GoDaddy’s Customer Service you will have to talk only to the phone, which is not free.

Why Best Paid Web Hosting should buy only?


As we had told about Best Free Web Hosting in Pichli Post, which is just okay until learning blogging for new bloggers but if you want to earn money from blogging then stop thinking about free hosting.

It does not get anything from disappointment in it. If you talk about Paid Web hosting services in today’s post, then the top 10 Best hosting providers if you buy hosting then every kind of support you get, the speed of your blog is good.

More information about Paid Web Hosting Service Providers can make you ahead in blogging.

Before buying Best Web Hosting, you can know about the Web hosting service providers and research after which you can buy the hosting of the good hosting company for your blog. India’s known Top 10 Paid hosting Providers can know from the bottom and can buy the right hosting for yourself and your blog.

Types of Web Hosting


You know the web hosting Kya Hai and how it works. Now know how many of these are. Web hosting is of many types, but in today’s time we will only know about those who are being used. So basically Web hosting consists of 3 types. From here you can read how to buy hosting from Hostgator.

1) Shared Web Hosting

2) VPS (virtual private server)

3) Dedicated hosting

4) cloud web hosting

Shared web hosting


When we go to read somewhere from home or go to Job, then we live in a rented house where many other people share together the same room together similarly Shared Web Hosting Works.

The same server in shared web hosting is where the files of thousands of websites remain together in the same Server Computer, so this hosting name has been shared.

Shared Web Hosting is right for those who have created their website new because this hosting is the most affordable. With this hosting you will not have to suffer trouble until your website does not happen and when visitors to your website, you can also change your hosting. Jai

This is the shared web server if any website becomes very busy, then all websites will be slow down due to it and their page will be able to open, this is the biggest Demerit of this web hosting. The use of shared hosting does not only do new bloggers. There are so many users in the same System of CPU, RAM.

Advantage of shared hosting


  • It is very easy to use Hosting and Setup.
  • This is a great option for Basic Websites.
  • Its price is very low, so it can buy all.
  • Its Control Panel is very user-friendly.
  • Shared hosting
  • In it you will get to access very limited resources.
  • Since you share Server with others, therefore it has the possibility of being overwhelmed in a bit.
  • Its security is not so good.
  • All companies do not provide much support in it.

VPS hosting


VPS hosting is like a hotel room. Where there is just your right on all the things of that room. There was no sharing in it. Visualization technology is professed in VPS hosting. JSME is a Strong and Secure Server to divide into virtually different parts.

But every single virtual server is used to use different resources. It can use as many resources as much as your website. Here you do not have to share with any website and get the Best Security and Performance to your Website.

This hosting is a bit costly and does the Website with more visitors. If you want performance like Dedicated Server in less money then VPS BEST is for you.

Best Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting & Cloud  Hosting Company in 2021



This Best Web Hosting Service Provider ($ 2.95 / Month), giving power to more websites than 2 million in the Bluehost world.

My eyes have Bluehost # 1 hosting platform that gives you features like free domains, free SSL, WordPress installation, FTP, and 24/7 Customer Support. Their plans are from $ 2.95 per month (63% off) and guarantee money withdrawal in 30- days.

It is a ubiquitous platform prepared for WordPress, which gives more than 2 million websites. Their Easy-to-Use Interface gives you a lot of features like Selecting your domain, selecting your domain, and select your theme, and selecting your website.

It was established in 1996 and has more than 750 employees today. Which makes Bluehost Relables are their 99.99% Uptime.

Due to the average load time of less than half a seconds, the understanding of the site will not have any problem. With our WordPress site and their most affordable plan we took advantage of some easy plugins and able to bring up to 100 speed.

The main reason for them was to be SECURITY and Integration with CloudFlare (A Content Delivery Network CDN). CDN saves your site from DDOS invasion and Fake Traffic.

Using the CDN, the speed of the site also increases, so that you can host your web files on their server’s World Wide Network, depending on the location of the Visitor, reducing the time to get data from your server is.

If you are reading other web hosting compares and are looking for additional features then Bluehost also integrates with various software in your Mojo Marketplace. For example, if you need Shopping Cart Software or E-Commerce functionality for a customer then install Software is easy.

2.Aws Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is definitely one of the greatest inventions and it is a great service to deploy different types of applications on the cloud. For those who are unaware of the wonders of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and want to know what is Amazon Web Services, AWS is a gift for mankind which Amazon provided to move a step forward to cloud computing (cloud computing) did. Cloud computing has become a necessity for those businesses, which provide a flexible, cost-effective, and on-demand Storage service. In addition, it provides a different level of command and control on information and data based on the choice of users.

Infrastructure-AS-A-Service, which is known as IAAs, is the first type of cloud computing, which provides Internet-based access to cloud storage. IAAS offers users to update virtual networks, machines, storage, and servers, etc. Another type of computing is called platform-e-e-service (PAAS), which lets developers to create and host mobile and web applications using the Internet Server. Software-AS-A-Service (SAAS) – Being third-type computing – Users allow access to all devices to access the same app for all devices.

Amazon’s online retail was started in 2006 to take care of, AWS currently offers cloud hosting service, which is leading in Cloud Computing Technology.



NameCheap Company was established in 2000, which manages more than 10 million Domains. They give facilities such as Domain Registration such as Various Hosting Options – Shared, Reseller, Dedicated, VPS, and WordPress Hosting (starting from $ 2.88 / month).

They have a new service called Easywp, which starts at $ 3.88 per month and makes it Super Fast to set up WordPress Site. I did it myself and set up a website within two minutes.

With all your main packages, they provide facilities like Free Backups, Free Website Migration, 24/7 Support, and a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Their shared hosting plan is a little more expensive than the rest cheap options.

4.GoDaddy Web Hosting


Godaddy is a host that offers you a WEB hosting Solution for Windows and Linux users and assigns Sites from a Unique DNS that helps you find users online. Their plan’s range is up to $ 5.99 to $ 89.99 / month.

Their plan is budgeted Friendly. Where you get server dedicated to Business Hosting, VPS, Power and Control

Their some Best Features – Odin Plesk, a Windows Control Panel which gives you the comfort in server, applications, and users to manage. His Economy Plan facilitates to have a WebSite HOST, while deluxe, Ultimate, Maximum offers plans to host unlimited sites.

If you want to come to GoDaddy from any other hosting site, you will need to upload your website files to their server that is by Control Center and FTP. They have very helpful malware scanners which your site Prove from being hacked.

He does not do the second hosting provider who fulfills the promise to the technical aspects of your sites. They take care of your SOFTWARE UPDATE SETUP and Security Patches, which run your Website Optimally. Because their support is getting very fast improving, he will solve all your problems.

In GoDaddy WordPress Site Management is about impressive features. Although its features are not sufficient for the security of big companies but they serve small businesses well.

According to the plan you choose here Multisite Management Console and SSD Storage. This protects you from Attacks of DDOS and you can solve WordPress problems with the help of an Interactive Walkthrough.

In addition to the Annual Plan, get a Free Domain Name registration and a staging environment to the test of any change available on Specific Plans. They offer Beginners, in the beginning, to offer Video Library for tutorials.

Godaddy gives you a Guarantee of 99.9% uptime. Here you get a minimum of $ 15 / month for hosting.

Their initial price is $ 3.66. Media Temple gives power to their Support, which was acquired by GoDaddy in 2013. They are available through Team E-Mail, Chat, or Phone, which gives you rid of your troubles.


Established in 2000,, Domain Registration, and Hosting SPACE is number 1. It specializes in providing facilities such as affordable websites, hosting, email, SSL certificates, Web Design, and Online Marketing Services.

The introduction of the WP Starter Plan of is $ 3.75 / month, where you get Custom Control Panel, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Pre-Installed Themes and Plugins, and a .blog Domain. This is a very good caching plugin for Site Speed ​​which gets pre-installed with Plan W3 Total Cache Plugin.

It comes with a jetpack in which there are quite comprehensive features for WordPress, but it comes to Site Speed ​​Issues. I will advise you to not take a jetpack if you choose WP Starter Plan. It can choose no sharp plugins with the foot functionality.