10+ Best Blogging Niches That Make Money in 2020

How often have you wondered why 95% of bloggers are failing? It seems they haven’t chosen the best blogging niches. But many of them are not comfortable with the hardship that makes them rise.

Why is this so? Is it something to do with the way bloggers do things?

Think of it, what makes them fail? There are possibly two reasons— they don’t know the perfect recipe for starting a new blog, and second, they fail to choose the best blogging niches.

The former reason, starting a new blog is covered by our dedicated post (check out from here), and the second reason — choosing the best blogging niches — this post itself is subject.

So, by reading this post, you’re up to the very first step of starting a new blog i.e. choosing the right blogging niche for yourself.

In this post, we will first explore various profitable blogging niches then I state a closer look at why I choose them.

Are you with me on this trip?

Yes!! So read on….

Best Blogging Niches That Are Profitable in 2020


There is nothing more pleasurable than picking a niche that lets you earn money.

And the majority of blogging income is through traffic and affiliates. So, in the list of best blogging niches, I try to track down the same trend.

Hence, the whole list is not only for hobbyists but also for digital professionals whose major objective is to make money.

Therefore, the following is the compiled list for the best blogging niches that are profitable in 2020.  In addition, this list is solely based on income through traffic generation and affiliates marketing.

1. Heath and Fitness Blogs

Heath and Fitness Blogs

Today’s world is so conscious about their health. And as per data, there are tons of traffic and affiliates out there. So, if you find a way to help people in being fit then, for sure, it would be a great idea.

Now the question arises, how can you choose a health and fitness niche? Either you can choose what you are good at, or you can narrow down to the micro-niche level.

Let me explain with this example: Suppose, you first choose the most searched disease— cancer (a broad niche), Now various sub-topics would be blood cancer, mouth cancer, intestinal cancer, etc.

From there, you select blood cancer, which again has various types— Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, etc. And from here, you select your blog topic “Lymphoma”.

And this is how it’s done.

The above example is just an idea. 

So, don’t shoot for the broad niche because it requires many resources (backlinks and domain authority) to rank on google’s first page. Instead, a micro-niche would be the best for the beginners.

These are some micro-niches that still generate leads and income for health and fitness bloggers.

  • Dietary Health: Balanced diet, keto diet, prebiotics, probiotics, guts diet, etc.
  • Weight Loss: Exercise, affiliates diet chart, weight loss equipment, stretching equipment, etc.
  • Anti-Aging: Natural products, yogas, sleep cycles, anti-aging cream, anti-aging food, etc.
  • Exercise: Yoga, running, walkings, exercise dietary, home-based gym equipment, etc.
  • Treatment: acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, allopathy, massage, physical therapy, etc.
  • Audience based Health: Childcare, teenagers, women, men, and old-ages.

In addition, if you have any prior (or current) experience of suffering or any sort of health journey, you can start sharing your experience with your visitors. And these types of blogs grab lots of social shares.

2. Personal Finance Blogs

Personal Finance Blog

Do you know? A good portion of googles’ income is from finance-related ads. Surprisingly, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) of a personal finance blog is much higher, even than the health and fitness blog. That simply means with thousands of traffic you can easily earn around $1000 per month.

So, what is a personal finance blog? A blog that teaches you how to save, invest, and multiply your money.

For every person —whether a football coach, footballer, or their audience—  at some phase in their life, they have to learn personal finance in order to save more money.

And here a personal finance blog comes into the play. They act as a bridge between saving user’s money and making money from it.

Before jumping to the list of sub-niche in personal finance, I have a question for you? Whom do you believe the most, the guy who just taught you how to invest or a guy that proves you that your investment never fails?

For obvious, the second one, as no one wants to invest their hard-earned money without trust. So, here you need realistic data that give your blog authentic looks.

And a youtube channel with a blog would be very helpful to gain trust and also to diversify the traffic. 

These are some micro-niche that can fill your bank account with a good amount of money.

  • Management: money-saving tips, track your spending, making financial plans, money for retirements, tax saving-tips, etc.
  • Investment: Stocks, mutual funds, fundraisers, index funds, market tips, angel investors, etc.
  • Loans: personal loans tips, home loans, student loans, etc. 
  • Budget Management: Softwares (like Tally), track your spending, etc.

3. Marketing and Business Blogs

Marketing and Business Blogs

What do you think, our website bloggingguidance.com is a marketing blog or not? Yah, a kind of.

As with this blog, our major objective is to provide our visitors with more information content rather than just doing online marketing.

Like our website, there are a lot of other websites that write about marketing and business. So, if you’re interested in starting any sort of marketing blog then it would be a glorious move.

However, you should have ample knowledge about a particular marketing skill and also in the business field. 

And if you think, you can hire a bunch of writers and start a marketing blog. Then this would not be a good idea. This is because your prior learning helps you to understand what is good for your blog and what isn’t working.

For instance, it is just like a personal finance blog— in both, you need prior knowledge and experience to make people believe you. 

And another important thing; you should have to first choose a specific field in which you can provide information content from basic to expert level.

This will help you to grow your blog authority.

Blog Authority = More Traffic = More income

So, have you decided which marketing skill you can serve better? If not, then the following suggestions might help you to invade ideas of starting a micro-niche marketing blog.

  • Small Business Idea based blog
  • E-commerce Store
  • Helping other business to grow
  • Networking Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketings
  • Entrepreneurship blog: Tips, information blog, helping other business to grow

Note: Starting a marketing and business blog normally requires a team, as it is nearly impossible to survive in this competition when you are doing all things by yourself.

4. Technical and Gaming Blog

Technical and Gaming Blog

From the gadget you’re reading this post, how did you buy it? 

Obviously, before buying, you had read a bunch of post reviews, specification post, and even watched youtube videos about the device you are going to buy.

And the majority of links in these posts are affiliate links.

With the recent crazy speed of 4G and 5G, a technical blog can drive millions of traffic a day.

That’s insane? Yah!!!

So, if you want to make such type of blog, then with hardwork and patience, you can also make money.

I am not promising a huge amount of money but with 20k to 30k of traffic, you can easily earn you a couple of hundreds of dollars.

This is also so true for the gaming industry. So, if you’re a gamer, you definitely give a shot to a gaming blog.

Though the affiliate commission for technology related stuff is very low. But when you have a tremendous amount of traffic, only a 1% conversion rate can be enough to load your bank balance with a good amount of money.

So, what do you think about starting a technical (or gaming) blog? But save your thought till the end because there’s a lot more in this post.

But have a look at the following ideas on starting a technical and gaming blog.

  • Specific Gadget: Phone, headphones, printers, keyboard, pc components, laptops, etc.
  • Specific Games Review: GTA, Need For Speed, Android games, iOS games, etc.
  • Gaming Machines: Gaming Consoles, PCs, Graphics Cards, mobiles, etc.
  • Tutorials Based Blog: Tips to clear a certain level of the specific game, etc.
  • Technology Related News Website: New product releases, and software updates, etc.

5. Fashion Blog

Fashion Blog

Social Media, especially Instagram is fed-off with fashion. People use it to replicate celebrities and their ideals.

And with the uneven fashion culture, there is a lot of scope in the fashion world. So, if you’re a woman and you know a lot of fashion stuff, then you should start a fashion blog.

I am not being feminist here, but only stating a fact. As from the stats, about 80% of women in the USA shop clothes under online influence.

However, if you know more about clothing stuff, it doesn’t matter from which gender you belong, you can start a fashion blog.

While talking about the fashion blog niche, there are plenty of ideas on which you can work on such as

  • Fashion Blogs for men and women
  • Specific items: shoes, tie, laces, blazers, etc.
  • Hot and Trending Clothes.

I want to add one more point here. Many of you don’t want to include a lot of photos or use stock photos. But the key point of starting a fashion blog is photos— pictures influence more than your words. 

It’s true, without trying clothes on yourself (or any personal), the majority of users don’t buy your recommendation. And that’s the main reason, why many fashion blogs are struggling in affiliates.

Therefore, if you hate being photographed then hire someone. 

But I would say, if you’re not comfortable, in the first place, there is no need to start a fashion blog.

There are a lot of good ideas out there. Keep reading.

6. Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle Blog

Like Insta followers, here users also follow, read, share, and buys the author recommended products. Altogether, this makes it a consistent flow of money for lifestyle bloggers. 

In general, a lifestyle blog is a way of sharing your personal life experience with other people with a motive of helping. They usually work for celebrities like writers, higher achievers, actors, etc.

So, if you have a good amount of followers and friends on social media then you can drive them to your lifestyle blog. 

That means, “Only popular people can make a Lifestyle blog”. No, it is not. 

If you aren’t popular that much— don’t be sad— you can still start a lifestyle blog. Because what people are looking for, is truly helping nature. 

So, if you have the intention of helping others, then starting a lifestyle blog would be a great idea. 

Before starting a lifestyle blog, you must develop a different mindset. As here, the author’s main intention is to share their experiences and help others, not sneaking money out from their followers. 

Now, things you can do in your lifestyle blog:

  1. Your routine: planning morning, days, weeks, months.
  2. Certain personal experience
  3. Your tips of living life
  4. Helping others in being mentally and physically fit.
  5. So on…..

Now, we’re almost at the mid of our topic. Thank you for staying with me.

But let me explain more about other best blogging niches that you can start in 2020.

7. Educational Blog

Educational Blog

I too have an education blog— but I am not going to tell you the name. But what I can tell you is how you can make an education blog and earn money. 

There are various types of educational blogs, some share the educational tips, some share their notes, while some have their own premium members to learn certain subjects.

One of the most emerging educational blogs is related to government jobs such as SSC-CGL, CHSL, banking, post office, etc.

So, if you have any prior experiences of crashing such exams then you can make a website around it. However, you can also make a government job notification website— Naukriradar.com— a good example of that.

If you are interested in making such a website, check the step by step procedure of making such a website.

But, if you are making a blog around a subject, for obvious reasons, you need to be good at what subject you have expertise in.

Apart from this, if you’re working at a reputable academic post, your credibility makes it easier for your blog to create trust among the visitors. 

However, this process is very hard for newbies. But if you have a quality and you know your subjects well, then this would also work for you.

There are certain best ideas that can facilitate your working theory of starting an educational blogging niche. These are;

  • Specific Subject: Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Social Science, etc.
  • Specific Area: GK, various Grades (9th,10th, 12th, etc), Kinder Garden, etc.
  • Preparation for a particular job: Government Jobs, Engineering jobs, university jobs, school teachers, etc.
  • Premium Courses
  • Online Academy
  • Government Jobs Notifications (can be private jobs also).

8. Traveling Blog

Traveling Blog is one of the blogging niches

There is a difference between a traveling agency and a traveling blog. 

Travel Agency just baits you with traveling deals and doesn’t always tell you the truth. While a traveling blog shares their true experience.

This single thin-line difference is very crucial for starting a traveling blog. Because the majority of travel blogs, nowadays, only show you the bright side but fail to admit that their demerits.

And this makes your blog stand out from the crowded world.

So, if you love traveling and often travels, then starting a travel blog would be one of the best blogging niches for you.

Again, in terms of popularity, it is a huge niche where bloggers (or travelers) state their side of the story, and people want to read them.

Before starting a travel blog, one should deduce specific approaches to grab people’s attention. This also includes how you present your blog.

One thing that you must do with a travel blog is ‘snap-snap’, as traveling pics increase visitor’s engagement.

So, you can use this opportunity and make your visitors fascinated. 

This is because what people actually want is to dream and relate the images with their traveling journey. Altogether, it creates more engagements and more conversion.

Therefore, if you want to be a travel blogger, you should take an ample amount of pictures that state a way of defining the beautify of the visited place.

Finally, what can you do in your traveling blog? The following list will help you with that.

  • Specific Locations (Countries or Continents): things-to-do, best restaurants to visit, a full detailed journey, places to visit, etc.
  • For specific individuals (or families): places to visit with families, solo traveling, solo-female travelers, honeymoon trips, etc.
  • Affiliate Services: Booking flights, hotels packages, pubs, etc.
  • Lifestyle Based Travelling Blog: Share your experience, future plans of visiting places, etc. 

So, with this, we’re rest with the last few best blogging niches that you can use to start a blog in 2020.

9. Taking Your Business Online

Taking Your Business Online

Whether you have a business or want to start a new business— nowadays, your business’s online profile matters the most.

With an online blog, your business is not only getting a new opportunity to survive but also let you ahead of your competitors.

It also gives your customer the information they’re looking for in your business. And if you can achieve a reliable online customer scale then your business definitely gets a gem bag.

Let me state this with an example. Suppose, Ramu and Shamu are competitors— each has a toy shop. And both the shops are well popular in their local area and earn a good amount of money.

After, few years, Shamu started his online blog where he writes about his toy shops and their products. Finally, he also joins amazon affiliates and promotes their products. Soon after a few months, the Shamu income gradually starts increasing. 

Reason? Because of his blog, there are a lot of customers who know where his shop actually is, and also the blog gives their customer prior knowledge of the products.

And with e-commerce, his business now, not fully depends on the local customer. 

So, taking your own business online doesn’t have any bad impact but it makes your business more operable.

10. Photography and Image Blogs

Photography and Image Blogs

If you’re a photographer, you know what’s the most important thing an artist wants other than money? The audience that admires his work. 

And starting a photography blog can not make your work more presentable but also builds your future.

Let me explain this to you.

From where you get free stock photographs? Pixabay, pexels, etc. Do you wonder how they earn money? Majority of them through affiliates.

But why do photographers upload their snaps under the no-obligation policy? Simply to get fame and show their photography skills to the world. 

These websites can also work as their portfolio for their photography skills which act as a foundation of building their career. 

Later those photographers are hired by many companies. And this is how it works.

However, this is just one piece of a story— there are other various things in this industry.

For example, many websites even charge paid membership to photographers to upload their photos on their platform. While the majority of them use a commission-based tenure.

Besides this, you can also make a blog around tips and tricks, a how-to guide, know your lens guide, etc.

Hence, if you agree with me that as a photographer, you should have a photograph blog then check our dedicated post on how to start a blog from scratch.

11. Food Blog


Food is a necessity for human survival. But now, it acts as a passion to invade the true taste of various religions, castes, and regions. 

The food industry has a number of opportunities because everyone wants to eat remarkable tasty food. And many moms (including mine) are always looking for new recipes.

So, you can consider it as a best blogging niches. But why is it last in our list?

Because preparing food nowadays turned out to be more practical (people like watching) than the subjective (where people read). 

And Strictly talking about India, usually, the moms cook food. In that, most of them watch youtube videos or read in Hindi. 

So, if you’re thinking of starting a food blog in Hindi then you definitely knock down the competition.

However, if you choose English, you should target other country audiences.

But that doesn’t mean that this niche has not much opportunity. Still, there are lots of blogs that can generate millions of traffic.

Therefore, if they can do it, you can also make it possible. Yet, you should also have a practical approach i.e. have a youtube channel along with the blog.

This advice is not only for food bloggers but also for any niche you’re working in. 

In your food blog, you can use affiliate links of products and foodstuffs that are used to prepare those meals. And surprisingly, the conversion rate is too high in it. 

In addition, you can make your own recipe books that you can monetize and sell.

Apart from this, today’s humans are more health-conscious. You can dedicate a blog for fitness lovers.

With this, our best blogging niches list ended.

General FAQ

Blogging is always profitable unless you know the perfect recipe. A few years back, people pursued it as a hobby, but recently, it emerges as a profitable online business and profession.

Yes, they do. But it is not easy. This is because you need to develop fame and trust around your personality which again is a long term process. 

For beginners, the main source of income is through ads and affiliate products. Usually shareable content can lead to traffic generation for beginner bloggers until their keywords start ranking organically.

Yes, you can but I don’t recommend doing this. The true reason is, in 2020, Google is now looking for relevancy and authority which is only achieved when your blog is from a single niche. But at the same time, there could be more than one sub-niche. 

As per stats, about 6% of bloggers can earn full-time incomes from their blogs. And if you want to be in that 6%, you should have to do hard work with consistency.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Best Blogging Niches

Finally, you made it through this. From now, you have an idea of what would be the best blogging niches for you. 

For instance, in each section, I state why and how you can come up with the right blogging niche.

But, a harsh reality.

No matter which niche you pick, you need to be consistent. Otherwise, it’d be a slow death for your blog.

Because, “blogging needs consistency”.

So, even if you choose the best blogging niches and you are not consistent with your blog’s growth. Then in the first place, there is no way you can earn long-term from it.

Therefore, if you promise, you do your best and be consistent in work, then I definitely sure, you nailed your niche.

I think this post helps you in choosing a perfect blogging niche for you. What do you say? Please comment.

Lastly, if you liked our article, then share your thoughts below. And please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest tutorials related to WordPress, hosting and blogging.